Henry Driver’s Website

by Beauchamp Art

Lazer Blades [Henry & Neil] Norwich Arts Centre - 20


As I have been working in collaboration with a number of individuals as a photographer of exhibitions, installations and events, I have seen to become the official photographer for my peer Henry Driver. Here are a number of images taken from his website featuring my photographs of his work. Since I have already amassed a reasonable level of experience for photographing low-light and screen based imagery within my own work and maintained a dialogue within Henry since the first year, so I am fairly informed about the development of his works and so how he would want it presented. This has been useful for the development of both my artistic and professional practices whilst studying, but additionally I will be able to continue with this in the future and it may enable me to affect a means of maintaining a commercial viability to my practice; to sustain my creative development through working with and for other individuals and groups. The collection of images on the website serves as an extension of my portfolio and shows a level of professionalism and trust in the quality of my photography that goes beyond the need to simply document ephemeral works, but to represent them in the best light, much as a curator functions in a supporting to best utilise the assets of the whole. This is also applicable to my photographs of various people’s works featured in the Degree Show publication.