Constable Cut-Out: Life Size Static Policeman / Policewoman

by Beauchamp Art

“The Life Size Static Policeman / Policewoman is a full size replica model approx 2100mm x 700mm printed in high resolution directly onto 10mm thick Foamex board which is durable and weather resistant – Our Models are NOT Cardboard Cut Outs. […] Our Police Models are full life size, with our Policeman standing 6’10 inc tall, in his high visibility uniform, positioned in a formidable pose, of maintaining law & order. […] The photographic enhanced model captures a life like presence with a friendly but official look, and a deceiving all-round eye to eye contact for enhanced surveillance. […] The models are on duty Day and Night in all environmental conditions, in many locations […] These life-like scale models are very cost effective with pay back measured in a matter of a few weeks, at the same time adding to overall security. The replica Free Standing Police Officers have many uses and are all made possible by inclusion of a Screen for live pictures or advertising can also include built-in CCTV Camera with wireless link to a monitor or DVR for recording, and even 2-way audio communication. The Officers can also be fitted with interchangeable news/public awareness Boards and a Voice messaging sensor.”

These ridiculous items are like the Panopticon in-cardboard*-carnate; such a simplest way to sew paranoia into the populous.

In the Internet-of-Things, every Thing is potentially watching. It could be interesting to approbate or high one of these as part of an installation, possibly filling a room with them, or having one to accompany the TFHDR installation, emulating the pre-rendered man from the digital mock-ups of the space.

The highly-visible need not have substance, spectacle is surface, the spectre is immaterial, the spectator is ever vigilant in their voyeurism.

Life Size Static Cut Out Policeman and Policewoman

*Foamex, not cardboard.