BA8: Exhibition & Events Photography

by Beauchamp Art

Photos - Exhibition Photography COVER

Exhibition & Events Photography

Exhibition/Performance Documentation

Through this unit I may not have shown as much of my own work in exhibitions, but I have become increasingly involved with a number of projects as a photographer, and engaged in broader, social and political debates, to which my Fine Art practice forms and integral part, but necessarily the central component. I believe that the primary nexus of my concern to be the discourse with peers, and internally through broad ranging research and a sustained interest in interweaving subjects.

Not only is this an effective means of developing my documenting skills, though photographic and some video works, but also serves as a means for developing a more profession practice, with which others would be interested in working. This could be seen as evidenced by my sustained role as Henry Driver’s photographer for his video installations and performances with music by Neil James Earl, and in Elizabeth Loughran’s varied requests for documenting her performance pieces. In addition to the recommendations I have received from other peers, such as the positive support by Charlie Barkus and his asking for my voluntary serves for the Museums at Night Event, which gave me the opportunity to work with an established institution.

Furthermore, as my images have been used in university and local documents, including the EDP, the Degree Show publication, and have been commixed to do the photography for the Graduation Ball, I believe this has given some minor publicity in Norwich, but also has helped me construct a stronger portfolio of photos which can be used to advertise my services and apply for future work within the arts.

Although the role of events photograph is fairly established, specialising somewhat to art exhibitions and performance photography will hopefully give me a niche within the community that is supported by word-of-mouth recommendations (so that when someone is putting on an ever, I get the call) but also through online promotion. This would also mean that I can become more involved and experience a range of art activities and hopefully  be offered the opportunity to use my technical skills to effect a lucrative dialogue between the promoter and potential audience, and give me room to further expand my own practice. Each of these sets was of importance to me.

The majority of these photographs were taken without the use of a tripod, as most of that which is being documented were live events, and although the stability would enable greater opportunity to control the image production, it hinders manoeuvrability and the rapid-fire spontaneity a hand-held digital camera makes possible, ideally suited for rapidly changing subjects such as follows.