Photos: Crimson Refraction

by Beauchamp Art

Crimson Refraction - 01

Crimson Refraction

Photos of evening light refracting through the transparent orange place of a set of chairs. An aesthetic exploration of light and colour. A range of minor adjustments were made, including modifying the tone to be a more constant crimson hue across the short series, as I did not have particularly long to set up the camera and take the photos, given this optical occurrence only happens for a very narrow window of time when the sun is setting, its not to cloudy, and there is nothing obstructing the flow of light through the house. Much like the Curtain Obscura effect observed previously, this serves a primarily as document of optical phenomena. Perhaps the images would be stronger as a triptych, if so, the sound image with the legs of the stool in the centre would be the first to go.

Crimson Refraction - 02

Crimson Refraction - 03

Crimson Refraction - 04