Digital: 3D Brandon Bryant

by Beauchamp Art

3D Brandon Bryant - 03

3D Brandon Bryant


3D Scupltris model based on the former US Drone pilot, Brandon Bryant (unpainted).

Bryant seemed a fitting subject for digital incarnation given his previous experience in dealing death through a digital interface at the remote helm of the joystick and screen, death from above a simulacrum come reality for those on the receiving end of the lightening crack of electrical signals cascading through the air, culminating in remote controlled executions; instantly disembodying the embodied consequence of the mediated action.

As with some previous attempts at digital busts, the sculpting of the eyes was a particularly difficult area of concern, but here the attempt seems to have been more successful then previous ventures. Moreover, this was not original intend to be a model based on Bryant, though another was being undertaken, this model began as a quick fantasy model of a giant’s head, but the rapid exaggeration of the features that produced this initial mould served as an effective framework for the revised model. Nevertheless, although this has proved relatively successful thus far, and I had made a basic attempt at painting the model [sic], but as I have no specific assessment time limitation, I shall endeavour to produce a more life-like figure developing this model; though it still is essentially a sketch.

Compartmentalising the bust into a main head, eyes, eyebrows, ears, beard, and neck with upper torso defiantly aided the process, and the implementation of the new texture brush sets I have produced, alongside a more diverse use of the software’s few too, has resulted in a more resolved aesthetic to the model. Unfortunately, I still know of no way of taking images of the model besides using screen capture, which at the most can only produce a 1080p picture, which then has to be cropped to hide the interface. Ideally, there would need to be a means of exporting the model at digital photo resolution (4K or so), however, as Sculptris is free, then it is unsurprising such features are limited (though even with Zbrush there was now way to export images beyond the limits of the screen resolution), so I may look to try using Renderman, Pixar’s now free rendering software, and attempt to make use of that.


3D Brandon Bryant - 01

3D Brandon Bryant - 02

3D Brandon Bryant - 04

3D Brandon Bryant - 05