Weekly Summary: 6.6.15 – 14.6.15

by Beauchamp Art

For all though that can make it, Tuesday the 30th of June will be the opening of the Undergraduate Degree Show at NUA, so please come along between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. If you cannot make it for the opening, the show will be open from 10.00am to 7.00pm on Monday to Friday (between 10.00am-6.00pm on Saturdays, and 11.00am-4.00pm Sundays) until the 7th of July (the day of Graduation).

NUA SU Grad Ball - 155

This post-submission period need not be an unproductive one, and so it shall be utilised efficiently as with the time spent studying, but with a temporary relaxation of attitudes towards the differentiation between work, searching for further employment, and a summation of leisure activities hitherto postponed. Indeed, I intend to continue these weekly summaries as a record of the progress of ongoing ideas, the development of new projects, and a general post-academic log.

Upon submission, the conclusion to numerate sleepless days, one of my peers was handing over their folders before me, with the relived exclamation; “Finally, I can make art without having to write about it,” to which I flippantly responded, “finally, I can write without having to make art about it.” Despite this caustic statement, I do intend to keep making practical work.

3D Brandon Bryant - 03

For one, I have taken time towards furthering the development of the 3D sculptures, producing a reasonable rendition of Brandon Bryant, a former US Drone Pilot, a fitting subject for digital incarnation given his previous experience in dealing death through a digital interface at the remote helm of the joystick and screen, death from above a simulacrum come reality for those on the receiving end of the lightening crack of electrical signals cascading through the air, culminating in remote controlled executions.

Moreover, I attended the screening of a graphics/design film, Made You Look featuring interviews with various practising designers. Although the video was very professionally produced, it did seem overly optimistic, somewhat naive and presented in the rose-tinted, sleekly made style favoured by independent films ranking high on Vimeo, and even after questioning the producers of the film whom were present at the screening, they did not address the financial or economic aspects of design work in any major capacity.

Such material from the interviews was removed from the editing process for the sake of narrative convenience. Editing, like cropping, is a form of mediation, it allows a truth to be present, but not the whole truth, and the key to effectively producing a transparent aesthetic is to generate a sense of verisimilitude, but the absence of this topic made itself seem very present. y no means was the video poor or misleading, just factually limited to aid in storytelling; like any documentary, it does not simply document, but reveal its subject from the most flattering angle.

Henry Driver - Kling Klang - 08

On that note, I also provided my photographic services this week in documenting Henry Driver’s visuals for the Kling Klang night at Bedford’s Crypt, though refrained from including the crowd. I also was commissioned to be the photographer for the NUA SU Graduation Ball, which went well, although the lighting conditions were not perfect (and I was getting used to the external flash on the camera), but I believe I have produced a fair body of images for those involved to survey, and provided a further opportunity to diversify my portfolio of events photography On that note, I also had a brief discussion with NUA’s Marketing about doing photograph at some upcoming events (though not the degree show private view, about which I had original enquired). This will hopefully provide some minor work in the near future. However, I still need to start apply for formal employment, hence I have been revising my CV and searching for local work. There as minor roles at the UEA which could prove fruitful, and I would give preference to working in some capacity at an academic institution, library, or arts establishment, though something more peripheral to undertake would suffice; though nothing too consumptive of time, as I still intend to apply for an online course which would enable me to undertake the Media and Cultural Politics masters degree in a years time, and would work alongside that, then possibly looking into Journalistic work, should I find an appropriate opportunity to do so.

Give the concern of my future, I am happy to e announcing the hand over of the Drawing Society to a 1st year Illustration student and some of his peers who had attended previous meeting, so that should be in fairly safe hands. There are some minor formalities to sort though, but nothing major. Nevertheless, if the Activities Officer job becomes available soon, I still indend to apply for that position, which would enable me to still be involved in NUA societies (besides informally attending FemSoc & GreenSoc).


Such a busy week of rest.