Weekly Summary: 22.6.15 – 28.6.15

by Beauchamp Art

InExt Phono Reflex - 06

I received my marks and written feedback this week. As I suspected, one of the areas of criticism was the quantity of the work, or rather that much of it did not appear to be edit down, and that I could have considered the means of presenting work more extensively. Evidently, despite the uniformity of the PDF format, a printed and bound book would have most probably have boosted my mark, though I still believe this to be a lesser concern. Though the call to push the digital presentation was understandable, perhaps it may have been worth my inclusion of the statistics section of this website and blog as a means of affirming the validity of the format, that it is, to a minor extent, reaching a small audience, although this captive audience is non-commercial, and I effectively serve as the post-Fordist unpaid labourer of the website host, providing content which may serve as a platform for advertising, providing a means of revenue for the server, with some users willing to pay for additional services and features on their blogs. Therefore, I consider this format appropriate for the content, the medium is the message, embodying the post-Modern need to be self-reflective, within a wider cultural context into which content is contributed and consumed in a perpetual feedback loop.

Phone-Faced Selfie - 2

Though I have only recently taken to using text and imagery seriously, following the dynamic text of the Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm, I have experimented it in more light-hearted and satirical works previously, but now I believe it may be worth pursing more emphatically, to create a greater interplay between themes and modes of communication, understanding typography as part of the visual language as an extension of the spoken. There is not simply  spoken words, text and images, but rather different aspects of the same form of action, that of communication. Again, the medium is the message.

On this note, I have also written a short article for another blog, on the latest blockbusting sublime spectacle, Jurassic World, considered in regards to more broader economic and social themes, to produce a form of review without having seen the film, taking examples from promotional material, peer discussion, and other reviews, alongside previous academic research.

I also finished my application for the for SU activities officer job, ordered gowns for graduation, collected my folders from submission and read though Irvine Welsh’s Crime, as well as a few other minor photo/graphic experiments.


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