Weekly Summary: 29.6.15 – 5.7.15

by Beauchamp Art

Henry Driver - Tender Vision - 16

The Business Private View for the degree show went well, and although I did not receive much feedback from the guest, I was able to have a particularly interesting conversation with Lynda Morris, who had taken an interest in my work. We discussed the background to the piece and the political and economic environment in which artists produce work and pieces are distributed.

The Friends and Family Private View was a more social affair, giving me the opportunity to look around the rest of the degree show and talk to fellow students. Some of the interactive Illustration works were fairly appealing and although a number of the Film works were of a decent quality, there was an abundance of tropes and most of the sound editing was clearly not at the fore of the concerns of the film makers, evidently this area is not a priority. One of two of the Games Art works were amazingly detailed, featuring thoroughly detailed environments and other assets.

Henry Driver - Tender Vision - 5

I did the usual documentary photography for Henry’s installation piece, which went well, with the sculptural form providing an interesting opportunity for some macro shots, although I had to dodge between members of the audience who were coming into the space. Additionally I photograph Maria’s piece upon request, however I received no further request for photos. Nevertheless, I was able to thoroughly inspect the works whilst invigilating.

Maria Locke - Jesus Fucking Christ - 3

I also helped install Elizabeth’s sculptures as part of the Cley Contemporaries exhibition and attended the opening event for the occasion. There were a few interesting works, and it was curious to see the show split between the old church and the beach.

My final Student Ambassador shifts went well, both the Teachers Day and the Open Day, on which I gave my last tour of the university (though it was for the new Fashion Communication course, rather than F’ Art).

Additionally, I have done a small amount of drawing and digital painting work, more as technical exercises than anything else.


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