Weekly Summary: 27.7.15 – 2.8.15

by Beauchamp Art

Forever Building - 45

I was commissioned to document the Forever Building exhibition at the Norwich Cathedral this week, which went reasonably well. However, it may have been beneficial to shoot with a tripod in HDR to be able to capture the light of the windows and inside the building in full, however my version of Photoshop is unable to do HDR builds (so I will have to research into doing this manually), therefore took the pictures more straightforwardly. However, given the internal light was considerably more orange than the exterior blue illumination, I did have to compensate for this quite heavily by desaturating the images in an attempt to neutralise the grey walls and the various sculptural forms amongst the inner architecture. Nevertheless, the artists involve were happy with my images, so despite rushing to take them whilst they were dismantling the show, I bevel their quality is satisfactory.

I had a few more job applications to fill out, given my unsuccessful interview for the repographics technician position in Cambridge. However, the feedback they offered was useful; they liked me but I struggled to communicate how my skills were suited to the role in specifics, which is reasonable and I shall endeavour not to repeat this in the future.

Forever Building - 06