Weekly Summary: 16.8.15 – 23.8.15

by Beauchamp Art

I had a useful trip to London this week to see Sunn O))) and a few exhibitions, as well as going along to Wysing.


Bloomberg Space / David Blandy: HERCULES : ROUGH CUT


The boys the girls and the political / Lisson Gallery


Serpentine Gallery / Serpentine Pavilion 2015 & Lynette Yiadom-Boakye: Verses After Dusk

Science Museum

The science museum was somewhat patronisingly pedagogic, but understandably so.

Royal Festival Hall / Sunn O))) + Phurpa

Phurpa was like a Druidic Ritual, with throat singing, Alpine horns, and plays in harmony. Sunn O))), who are usually referred to as drone metal, but could more accurately be described as drone music made with distorted electric guitars and other instruments usually associated with metal music. The smoke machines flooded the hall whilst we were being pummelled by heavy tides of sound, culminating in us being sublimated into oblivion through a tsunami of smoke and an avalanche of audio, earthquaked into headsplitting oscillations, sonically suppressed by the tectonic collision; collapsed under an empire of the engulfing cacophony. Disharmony and the oscillation of dissonance became the rhythm, the knots of clashing notes the shifting, pulsating transforming the sustained note into a percussive repetitive impact.



Wysing Arts Centre: Annual Open Weekend

I also went along to the Wysing Arts Centre to take some photos for Henry, see the Annual Open Weekend, speak with artists, and explore the grounds.

Digital Cliff - Henry Driver - Wysing Arts Centre - 02

Wysing Grounds - 01