Digital: Twenty-First Centurion

by Beauchamp Art

Twenty-First Centurion

Twenty-First Centurion

The Rider in Khlōros

Greco-Roman Dystopian Cyberpunk

…And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made.

Toxic radiowaves in torrential fallout, raving against the dying of the neon nightstick, descending into a mælström of atomic fireworks skull-cracking over headstones, a deluge of depraved dehumanisation selling cyborgs civilians, soliciting a depraved indignant shelter of wage-slavery, the shell of a Kevlar HASMAT horseman, with proud crescent halo a caustic eclipse enrapturing a hollow sky with a bruised quagmire of carcinogenic clouds, the earth shaking with its stillness, the passive inaction of its populous under the mercy of the desolate heavens torn asunder by the ripping terror of inhuman thunder.