Sympathy & Snuff

by Beauchamp Art

Re-humanisation following the release of these two photographs is worth considering given that since the reporting of the second image (and those accompanying it) various media outlets (The BBC, The Independent, newspapers, et al.) have transition from the use of the word ‘Migrant’ (or ‘swarm’ in the case of David Cameron) to using the more accurate and empathetic ‘Refugee’. Popularist sympathy be media outlets as a result of the piercing image coming through the banality of horror by the pedagogic snuff of suffering, disempowered children is a routine manoeuvre to appear in line with democratic standing of the people whilst veiling  biases.

Suddenly, the escaping scapegoats slipping onto the sacrificial slap seem sources of subdued sympathy. Perhaps images of a humanised death are required to reinstate the value of life into the living when the media’s onslaught sews the seeds for the fruitful banality of evil to flourish its malignancy.