Weekly Summary: 31.8.15 – 6.9.15

by Beauchamp Art

Most of this week has again been spent applying for jobs and rewriting / compressing my cover letters, as I am yet to secure any more interviews . Nevertheless, I have found a number of positions at educational and arts institutions that I can apply for, including a few roles at the Barbican, the University of London and Anglia Ruskin – all of which require commuting, but that is acceptable. There are also a few jobs at City College and the Sainsbury Centre for me to look into, but having to keep up a rate of at least one application a day whilst looking for more positions as I am going along is surprisingly demanding. As it has been pointed out to me, searching for employment is full time work in itself.

Alongside this, it was also necessary to undergo a minor reorganising of my hard drive, though mostly of the PC side, but I have had some stimulation for creating works that may require the room to manoeuvre. I have downloaded DaVinci Resolve, another piece of video editing software that specialising in colour correction, so I shall be finding something to film soon to experiment with the program. As I have been planning a few days away in the Highlands, perhaps this would provide an opportunity for capturing content.

The refugee crisis dominating news media has been another point of interest, as when the headlines hit home then there is an opportunity to gauge the political and public opinion and how various media outputs produce a unified or discordant narrative in order to effect a propaganda message designed to sway or disorientate the masses, so the public will is disabled from influencing governmental action, with popularism only establishing a mitigate influence when it is otherwise politically useful. Given I have been watching a number of talks from Chomsky, then the role of persuasion. Rather than attempting to pursuade others to agree with one’s own opinion in opposition to their previously held standing, it is more appropriate to attempt to suggest that the second part reconsider the validity of their current perspective to further enrich their understanding of their argument in the overall discourse.

[Ghandi] found it necessary to accept without qualification democratic methods of reaching truth, to accept without qualification persuasion rather than compulsion. He tells us that he had no desire to conquer his adversaries by force. He wished to convert them, or rather he wished to communicate with them, to persuade them, to be persuaded by them of the truth. When a person approaches truth with this spirit, “the pursuit of Truth requires a recognition that no one man, no one party, no one class, no one race has the whole Truth that since all human views are partial every view should be given free expression, should be considered and respected, even as it should often be rejected and resisted. Man must be free to seek the Truth, and the Truth shall make man free.”


Furthermore, as I listened through another Pratchett audiobook (as an escapist counterpoise), I have also been motivated to sketch a few fantasy illustrations whilst between other tasks; having rearranged my room to make my drawing board more accessible and my MIDI keyboard directly in front of my computer meaning I can draw and play music more easily.