Weekly Summary: 7.9.15 – 13.9.15

by Beauchamp Art

Evenhouse - 11

I am nearly at my 30th application, some of them I’ve been ideally suited, some a bit short, but mostly I know the level I can work and just need to work on convincing people I’m right for the role. Having only managed to get 2 interviews thus far, this is proving somewhat difficult. Admittedly, my cover letters are sometimes lengthy, but when one is presented with 10 pages of requirements, stating how one can accomplish each subsidiary role with confidence and relish in anything less than 2 pages seems and impossibility, without resorting to listing previous roles and experience followed by what they advertised.

I have had a mild artistic rumbling of the under turf, having taking a number of photos of the near nocturnal domestic setting and drawing a few more ideas alongside sketches of more riot police, with fragments of sentences perforating my inner ear drum, causing my fingers to tremble over the keyboard once more, if only like the worrisome foreboding of ideas grinding together.

Evenhouse - 16

I have also had a mild cleanse of my social media presence, although anonymity is incompatible with the profitability of mechanising meta-data, so I still exist only for the monetary benefit of those already with wealth and power. At least online no one knows you’re a dog, although the trail of biscuit crumbs may be a give away to the GCHQ/NSA masters: for whom we all grovel at the feet, but occasionally piss in their shoes.

Moreover, as the new term starts, and following seeing a video of a peer’s performance which offered a critique of the university structure,  I have been considering how the appetite for homogeny and NUA’s colourblind stance does nothing but reinforce ignorance and existing ethnic power hierarchies whilst castrating the potential for criticism by pre-emptively indoctrinating those whom question the curriculum of cultural callousness.