Barbed Noose

by Beauchamp Art

I considered a figure tied to a gate by barbed wire, standing for hours in the street, unable to move, unable to be approach, unable to escape, trapped by the merciless threat of their predicament. Encapsulated refugees fleeing one horror and greeted by another; the menace of malicious governments playing power games with the lives of the powerless, with the valuelessness of life presented on a grand scale, and the banality of their struggle fuelling the violent snuff pornography of the news media. Re-victimising those running from the flames that threaten to engulf them; even a continent away, the smoke threatens to choke them.

The faux-Freedom of Movement trapping them in the non-place of border control concentration camps, where scraps of food are occasionally tossed to the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of international political games. With those in positions of power refusing to initiate dialogues with those that oppose them, communicating only through the weaponised percussion of war. There is no resolving thesis to be found in exclusively violent antagonism besides eradication. Militants blown away into the dust, refugees dissolving into the fury of the surrounding hurricane affecting a passive genocide by all those involve or whom refuse to acknowledge their involvement.

All causalities are acceptable as no worth is placed on the lives of those caught in the barbed noose of flight from a fire they had no hand in causing or power to prevent. So they are singed and strung up, lynched by the mass mediation of their strife to survive, martyrs to someone else’s cause, people simply wanting to live without suffering; what selfish, narrow-minded greed, what base, inhuman inhumility denies their neighbour shelter when Hell rains sulphur on their heads – the reigning powers of wealthy nationalist nation-states either turning blind eyes or weeping shallow tears of pity without sympathy; action without the intent to help unless it helps themselves, whether through populist pandering to secure their own sustained empowerment, or to appease the will of nation next door with whom one wishes to win favor.

Help those who help me, and condemn the rest to the wastes, that is the rhetoric of the modern nation-state, as their is simply no profit in sympathy, no economic viability to empathy, no human cost worth humanity.