Anti-Anarchism: The Fascism of Daesh in the Mirror to the West

by Beauchamp Art

ISIL are not anarchists, they are its antithesis: an authoritarian fascism regime using the language of Islam and revolution to support their military actions. Presenting themselves like a peoples’ army, but march, murder and martyr like the terrible legions of Rome, but with even more aggressively regressive, using the anti western rhetoric borrowed from various other nationalist or genuinely anarchistic groups in order to facilitate its violence. Using a heavily bastardised misreading of the far from faultless Abrahamic text, that even the Wahhabis disregard as a non Muslim use of the Quran’s doctrine. Daesh desires not an Islamic state, but a nation state of extreme authoritarianism, total control over a domestic population through total war.

Standing before the crucifixes with banners raised like Caesar’s Legion, forming a concrete antagonist to the West and its allied wealthy nations; in that it mirror’s the worst aspects of its history: its modern terror campaigns waged by drones to the mass killings of the citizens of former colonies, to the destruction and capturing of historic sites and relics by European tomb raiders in Egypt or the destruction of the Ajyad Fortress to make way for the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel by as part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project in Saudi Arabia, to the obliterations of indigenous lands by America, or the media propaganda campaigns committed by all nations.

ISIL have captured and concentrated the villainous tactics of Western terror from today to year zero, and the greater the antagonism, the more the threat is fed by publicity and further destruction, the more power they have, the more they can claim they are the righteous conquerors, and those that oppose them are the barbarians at the gate. The counter narrative does nothing to dissuade their actions, but only serve to empower their narrative further. Only by intercepting this dichotomy can there be any progress towards lasting peace, outside of the smouldering crater that would eventually reignite its blaze or result in total obliteration and annihilation of the species through international nuclear conflict.

Should the acceptance of the use of an oppositional dialectic narrative persist unquestioned, and the possibility of another path remain unaddressed, then there is little purpose in dialogue, as the aim of both sides will be victory over the other and a preservation of their own narrative in opposition to the Other, rather than the preservation of life and multiple narratives and cultures in a sustainable parallel existence, allowing for interception and the cross pollination of ideas with lead to accusations of pollution and claiming the inferiority of the Other in order to reinforce the validity of an argument that may be unable to sustain its integrity in the face of scrutiny, along with a the need for willingness to address all forms of inequality that provocate further conflict, and results in scapegoating the disempowered or those that be easily undermined.

Manufacturing an ethnic threat to motivate conflict between groups to reinforce another cause. Whether that is pitting Muslims against Christians or Jews in the gladiatorial arena of the middle east, or stirring up hatred amongst working class groups through claiming that a worthless workless untermenschen are stealing benefits from the hard working prole, that strikers are making life worse rather than fighting indignant dehumanisation, or by encouraging a zionistic xenophobia through sporting events lambasted as the pinnacle of human achievement rather than praising collaboration.

The difference between the actions of Daesh versus the West, when presented as an ideological conflict is scale. Britain has had centuries to perfect its atrocities and its use of authority, it does not tie it citizens to crosses and mount them on a hill, it crucifies through the media, encouraging hatred and suspicion amongst neighbours, and if it needs more traditional torture it can send it opponents across to the other side of the world to ensure state privacy and the national security of the private law of the privileged.

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.” [Chomsky, 1997: 21]



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