Weekly Summary: 14.9.15 – 20.9.15

by Beauchamp Art

I had a reasonable successful interview at City College for a Learning Supervisor position, and would have found out if I had got the position, however somewhat ironically I received the call whilst in a meeting with the new Employability Adviser from NUA, making use of the Alumni services. Therefore, I should find out on Monday, which means finishing off a few more applications in the mean time. However, I have concluded to abstain from applying to any more roles in London as the commute is too great; unless they are especially promising.

I also attended a People’s Assemble meeting, which was fairly interesting, though made a mature counterpoise to going along to one or two Freshers with some current students. Nevertheless, this liveliness and political drive has pushed me more towards doing more drawing, combining historical with contemporary military imagery with a degree of critical intent, coupled with a repressed desire to make concept art.