Weekly Summary: 28.9.15 – 4.10.15

by Beauchamp Art

Tae Scotland 7 Affski - 15

For my last full day in Scotland I made a brief excursion to Edinburgh, though may not have best utilised the time there in terms of exploration and so forth, though I made it to the National Museum of Scotland for a wander. However, I did not attend any exhibition or so forth due to time restraints and frankly an apathy for the subject at the time. Nevertheless, I took a few more photographs and did a small amount of filming, though more in the non-place of the train than at any terminus. I quite contently made a few observational sketches whilst visiting, following a tradition resurrected from the Foundation; drawing people drawing. Indeed, I shall endeavour to visit again and attempt a broad range of Highland activities. Even so, the photos provided and opportunity to develop my post-production skills and experiment with the use of colour in more traditional/tourist style photography, actively embodying Sontag’s notion:

“Using a camera appeases the anxiety which the work-driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and suppose to be having fun. They have something to do that is like a friendly imitation of work: they can take pictures.” [Sontag, 1977: 10]

Video Cube - Henry Driver - 17

Nevertheless, upon returning to the People’s Democratic Republic of Norfolk Norwich, I documented Henry’s Video Cube installation in the project space (which I used for the degree show) in preparation for an exhibition he is participating in at the end of the month at First Site, which I should be attending, again as photographer.

With regards to my own work, alongside editing the pictures from Scotland and some older images, I have been drawing and doing some digital painting, particularly of the somewhat dystopian pseudo-centurians of the Legio Metro (the Metropolitan Legion, a cross between modern British riot police and Roman and Hellenic military styles).

Tae Scotland 6 Embra - 11

My employment is for the moment also fairly dystopian, or rather totally absent: I believe the long train back the day prior to the interview for the Library job at NUA may have contributed to me not getting the job. However, the Employability Officer who I met with previously informed me of another Library position at the UEA that has arisen that I intend to now apply for.

Additionally, I have started reading The Three Ecologies, and attended a meeting of the Norwich Feminist Network in order to continue my own political interest and engagement.

Tae Scotland 7 Affski - 07


Sontag, Susan (1977) On Photography. 1978 Edition. Penguin Books Ltd. Harmondsworth, UK.