Weekly Summary: 26.10.15 –1.11.15

by Beauchamp Art

Firstsite - Phantom - Henry Driver - 07

On the agenda this week was doing photography at Firstsite for Henry (and Lloyd), more digital painting, alongside setting up digital art portfolio, which may come in for speculatively applying for concept art jobs or the like, although I still need to set up selective portfolios.

With having applied for a number of other jobs, then statistically, I should be able to get an interview within the next few applications, given that I am currently averaging around 1 in 10 interviews per application, although so far they have only been in educational institutions and two of the next few I am going to apply to I have applied for previously, but have since been re-advertised by the same institution.

Firstsite - Phantom - Henry Driver - 26

I have also offered my services as a Proof-Reading through an associate, which may not be especially profitably (as that is not my intention) it may nevertheless offer the opportunity to practice my academic writing skills, supported by some more varied reading.

Firstsite - Phantom - Lloyd Smith - 05

Having attended the Norwich Radical Film Festival screening of The Devil’s Backbone, I have tried to get involved with more local events, though not as actively as I could do so.