Weekly Summary: 2.11.15 – 9.11.15

by Beauchamp Art

Firstsite - Phantom - Henry Driver - Opening - 07

I have been spending a lot more time recently on Digital painting and sketching, which has been fairly pleasent and I am making some headway with my technique and character development, which will hopefully make a positive contribution to the portfolios I have started to assemble. However, I still need to reupload some images from my old photography Flickr to my general artwork page, as I have decided to amalgamate the two. Following this, I also need to make a more formal website to display work professionally, alongside the WordPress blog. I may use Wix for this as it has been recommended to me and is a free platform for making a more effectively display of works from Flickr and Vimeo.


Firstsite - Phantom - Lloyd Smith - 02

I finished editing pictures from Phantom for Henry and Lloyd this week too, which came out fairly well. Having looked at the images from the other photographer, I also did a decent job of showing of Henry’s video works and some of the audience interacting with the pieces, without loosing detail. Nevertheless, as it was a low-light event, managing the focus and camera movement was somewhat more difficult, event though I was using a tripod in some photos and mostly the display screen, both of these techniques have limitations (and I cannot effectively use the viewfinder due to my own visual limitations). All in all, the end product was of a reasonable quality.

Vexillum in Desolationem

Following on from the Colchester theme, I also received another job application rejection email from a position in the city, which was a shame, but has meant I applied another job at the Cromer Museum and reapplied to a role at NUA, though my realism is currently outweighing my optimism.

The Thirteenth Toll