Ministry for Foreign Offence: Fascist Centralisation

by Beauchamp Art

Are you a far-right group lacking public credibility due to your disgraceful image, ideology and rhetoric? Rather than softening your hard-line value, why not be more radical and extreme to drive the debate in your direction – rather than becoming more central, move the centre line to suit your needs?

Want to eliminate a unruly section of your own population? Say its structural reform to protect social services – use the language of a mythical political middle ground to promote institutionalised violence against the civilian population, use the bludgeon of protecting the state to beat the citizens into an apathetic pulp.

Why risk being called ‘racist’ when calling to close the borders when you can turn the population against their neighbours by trimming the fat of public services to the bone, so they fight amongst themselves over the scraps left on the plate, and call for the barricades to go up bark out for the fear that they will be left with nothing.

Make nationalism, isolationism and xenophobia populist causes that give democratic credence to an ideological warfare against the other – both the barbarians at the gates and the rabble inside. Remind them that their ills are caused by the greed of their brothers and sisters, not of the Lords of the Manor. Sew a hatred amongst the plebs and keep them begging for scraps like a beaten dog cursed to lick at the heels of its violent master.

Try these techniques and more like them, and you will be well on your way to legitimising your otherwise unpalatable platform.

This message was brought to you by the Ministry for Foreign Offence, rewriting the wrongs of the Right.