Problematising Protecting the Profitable Predator

by Beauchamp Art

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If a woman chooses not to report her attack to the police – a choice that most victims make for all sorts of reasons – she might be less likely to be believed. A common refrain among apologists for Bill Cosby’s alleged actions, for example, is that if the alleged victims’ stories were true they would have come forward sooner.

But when victims do report to the police, many suffer horrendous treatment by officers who are either untrained in how to handle sexual assault cases or outright blame the victim. After Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz filed a police report about being raped, she says a police officer told a friend who had accompanied her that “Of all these cases, 90% are bullshit, so I don’t believe your friend for a second.”

After 19-year-old Lara McLeod reported her rape, she was arrested because an officer didn’t believe her. And when Michele Beaulieux reported a rape that had happened years earlier, she later found the report contained multiple errors – including the spelling of her name and where she was raped.

  The entire rape reporting system is rigged to let predators go free

The police are not in place to protect individuals, they are there to protect property and privilege (private law), and as women are not considered as property by legislators they little or no motivation to help rape victims, as they see no crime in sexual assault because it disempowers the already disempowered (female proletariat) civilian, rather than attempting to usurp private and governmental institutions. The Police (as a collective body, not as individuals who make think differently) have no reason to attempt to stop rape, besides to drive down statistics, the crime itself is of little consideration if it has no affect upwards on the power hierarchy.

Hate thy neighbour and praise the Lords of the Land, the bourgeoisie have no reason to care, until you are seen as rallying and charging the barricades against these great injustices. They have no reason to care if a celebrity is a paedophile if they are generating profit, only when it poses and economic threat, or after the fact, does it become problematic.