Weekly Summary: 16.11.15 – 22.11.15

by Beauchamp Art

Giving Way - 02

Given further unsuccessful applications, I have continued in searching and sending off for work. However, in the mean time I have been sorting out my portfolios, and managed to get some feedback for the events photography selection from other photographers. I was recommended to reduce the number of pictures to between 10 and 20 for the set, which I can apply to each in order to refine and present my best works, should that be required. Nevertheless, as I continue to produce work it will hopefully be of an increasing quality, so the portfolios may fluctuate. This will also be useful for getting a website sorted.

I have also been drawing en masses again, sketching out apocalyptic scenes, alongside some attempts at satire and cultural reflection. However, it is worth considering that satirising horror may simply make it more bearable, more tolerable, only contributing to the problem by lessening the impact like a fascist who was only following orders. Any mediation, however critical, still mediates, still anaesthetises rather than radically destabilising the existing dogma that permits some atrocities to prevent others in a warped utilitarian dystopia.

Given the general depravity of the universal situation and the potential limitations of an exclusively visual/pictorial medium, I have also attempted more writing recently, having been encouraged vicariously through proof reading a number of essays on commission recently, another service that should be advertised, given the anxiety of the student population and the Capitalistic incentive to exploit every weakness and manufacture needs wherever possible.

Transparent Insulation - 03