Weekly Summary 28.12.15 – 2.1.16

by Beauchamp Art

With a return to Norwich and the New Year, hopefully this will bring with it new ideas. After revisiting some of David Blandy’s works, I am keen to return to developing my video art practice. I still have the follow up piece to the RGB/GEC film to make, and a sort of travel film left over from the summer (mostly as a colour correction exercise), but having gone over some old notes and fragmented plans, I believe I should be able to produce something of reasonable quality in the not too distant future. Following this, I have started filling my new sketchbooks, admittedly the illustrative project has stagnated some what, but I think trying out ideas in  different media may be helpful.

Moreover, whilst proof reading and editing a friend’s dissertation, I discovered that my essay is one of the example text available for this year’s cohort of FA third years. Hopefully this should mean I am in a reasonable position to be offering editorial advice.

It was also the application deadline for the Learning Museums internships, however after going over the information provided again, taking into consideration the large number of other who will be applying (based on observations at the presentations regarding the 6 roles), and the high probability of others being better equipped than myself for such a position, I refrained from applying. This was not a positive move, and I should direct my attention to finding additional work immediately.