Weekly Summary: 4.1.16 – 10.1.16

by Beauchamp Art

Decimari 3D Colour 10

After finishing the Decimari 3D sculpt (essentially a Fallout ‘ghoul’ or a zombie-like figure), I experimented with adjusting the lighting on the model and other rendering effects to gather the images, before painting onto the bust, going for a scorch flesh aesthetic, using textured brushes to create a varied surface, whilst working in finer details into the scratches and marks cutting into the flesh. Although this model was reasonably successful, technically it left much to be desired, although I do have more of a grasp of some of the functions of Zbrush than I did previously.

Sodden Lane -7

I also edited the few photos taken over the Christmas period of the gloomy green lane in the village. Although endeavouring to capture more, I believe the photos taken on my Northern visits have become somewhat routine and have not necessarily been especially noteworthy, hence for the Sodden Lane set I was tilting the lens to create a more distinct aesthetic to the series, and really paired down the colours to dark greens, some greys and a light saturation of ruddy-browns.

Decimari 3D - 01

Furthermore, I worked on a few digital painting ideas, sketches, and slightly larger scale charcoal drawings. For the most part these have primarily been further technical exercises, following the illustration project narrative.

Realistically, I need to start applying for more work as soon as possible, and there is a Student Support role that would potentially be a sensible avenue for application.