Film: RGB 24

by Beauchamp Art

RGB 24 [GEC Ascending]

72 frames of RGB looping with G, E, and C notes playing in accordance with the colour of the panel. An ascending scale also plays, moving up through the chromatic keys as the frequency of the chroma key panels accelerates, with 1 frame from each colour panel removed with each loop. Each grid point starts at the beginning of the accelerating loop, with the first starting at the 72 frame looping, moving down and across until the final panel which begins at the final, 3 frame RGB sequence.

Audio/video minimal structuralist composition. Synthetic synesthesia.


RGB 24 [GEC Ascending x3 Loop]

Here, the sequence is show sequentially three times.



RGB 24 [Stills] - 08

RGB 24 [Stills]

Stills from the RGB 24 [GEC] film.

RGB 24 [Stills] - 04

RGB 24 [Stills] - 02