Weekly Summary: 18.1.16 – 24.1.16

by Beauchamp Art

Lydon - 06

This week was reasonably productive, despite getting a rejection letter for a library job on the Monday (though I am now contemplating doing a PGCE or similar such FE training).

In terms of outcomes, I finished my model of John Lydon, although the old punk and my rendering do not share a total resemblance, it has been a useful exercise in a greater range of techniques, particularly the use of Fibremesh, combining models, and keeping the file size down.

Vagus Abiectio

Alongside working on a few digital paintings and sketches, I also scanned my A3 charcoal drawings and have begun working into one of them in Photoshop, with a reasonable degree of success. However, there has been a definite move towards the monochrome that may be a missed oppertunity to experiment with bolder colour use, but the forgrounding of tonality is enabling some useful developments in this area. This may stem from working directly from drawings and referencing greyscale photos or recent images from war-torn regions where beige and brown dominate. Nevertheless, with mixing in stock imagery and trying out a new approach to doing these digis, I have been getting lost details and neglecting the overall design, whilst also failing to finish anything off, which is not beneficial and shall be overcome.


RGB 24 [Stills] - 02

Furthermore, I took stills from the RGN 24 video, and uploaded a single panel version of the film. This is a work I would like to exhibit in some context so need to apply myself to applying myself, or borrow a TV, put it in a gallery window and watch as the streets of Norwich are paved with photosensitive epileptic seizures,