Digital: Suidae

by Beauchamp Art

Sus Invisus - 08

Suidae: Sus Invisus

Final version of the petrifying pig, with blood and mud soaked skin, rife with boils, botulism, and other tumors growths, clad in patches of dark hair, with cuts, abrasions and alopecia causing clumps of its foul smelling fur to fall out, as its gluttonous physique decays from within, but generations kept in too small a pen has warped its figure from bone and blubber to a barrel of brawn and grievous bodily harm. Its Chelsea grin throws forth its terrible tusks, worn down a gore or more, but as sharp and sinister as ever.

Sus Invisus - 01

Sus Invisus - 02

Sus Invisus - 09





Hog Meat - 01

Suidae: Hog Meat

Secondary version of the beastly boar, with the re-painted skin texture applied to go under the Fibremesh hair, darkened with layers of caked on mud, muck, and general swill.

Hog Meat - 02

Hog Meat - 07




Bare Boar - 01

Suidae: Bare Boar

A digitally rendered horrible hog; prior to the addition of hair/fur.

Bare Boar - 02

Bare Boar - 07