Digital: In Cibum Tritor

by Beauchamp Art

In Cibum Tritor

In Cibum Tritor

Lard greasing the gears of the meat grinder; from pig to man, and man to pig; all the pigs are all lined up, stained like blood on teeth.

Boars baring the burden, man march beside the Sus Invisus through smoke, slag and swill, the stench soaking in, as the squeals, screeches and shrill shrieks of man, meat and metal saturate from swamp to stratosphere, the sublime stridulation punctuated by the whooping coughs of carnivorous contraptions, spluttering sulphur and sewage into the surroundings

Hated animals stand together with one beating heart; valves intertwined, beating chests full of coal, shouts of locomotive breath as they stride side by side in syncopated step, hauling Hell behind them.