Beauchamp Art

B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Weekly Summary: 1.2.16 – 7.2.16

by Beauchamp Art

In Cibum Tritor

Alongside finishing off some of the larger digital paintings and working on another 3D bust which shall incorporate clothes for the first time, using a combination of references; I have been digitally drawing over a number sketches, selecting the stronger images from my sketchbooks, which will be developed over the coming weeks, adapting to use a greater range of techniques.

City of Cinder

Moreover, I am moving towards undertaking an MFA, although I am not positive about which institutions to apply for as of yet, but it will have to be in a year’s time. Thus getting a job that allows me to save would be ideal, although I would still intend to work alongside studying part-time. I have contemplated Newcastle and Norwich previously, though it would be sensible to book myself onto a few open days, and also use this as an excuse to be social and explore other parts of the country.

Brown Selfie

I have managed to get an interview for an A/V technician at a school in Norwich in a week’s time, which is useful as my current contract is not being extended. Nevertheless, I will be reapplying for the evening technician role, though I do not hold out much hope. Should both of these opportunities dry up, it will only serve as more motivation to apply for this residency in Oslo and others like it, and push me towards further study; albeit with cap in hand.

A small amount of writing has also been done this week, a combination of typing up notes and quotes, alongside some short sections of prose. As there may be an open story telling night in Norwich at some point soon, it may be worth me try to have something prepared for one of those.


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