Digital: Rex Lactucis

by Beauchamp Art

Rex Lactucis

Rex Lactucis

The King’s Lettuce, Rex Lactucis (literally ‘Lettuce King’), a title taken from one of the myths within Watership Down, digitally Latinised to to incorporated in the apocalyptic Precariat fictional narrative. The rightmost rabbit borrows Goya’s pose from ‘Saturn Devouring his Son’, with the Lepus Caedis being derived partially from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. However, there was further consideration given to species likely to survive a global cataclysm, and small mammals with short breeding cycles tend to proliferate; hence the success of mammals over the last few millennia.

As for anatomy, though most homid, these creatures owe much of their stance to the Deathclaw in the Fallout series, though would likely move more like a cross between a kangaroo (circa Tank Girl) and a gorilla (circa Planet of the Apes), with the weight carried by the back limbs, though the upper half of the body remaining more upright to enable more dexterous use of the extended arms and malicious teeth.

Additionally, given the Latin for ‘King’ is ‘Rex’, this also carries connotations of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a terrifying creature from another age, brought to life by special effects. This in itself provided an additional motivation to choose the title, although a reference to the Goya or Saturn in some facility would have not gone without want.