Weekly Summary: 8.2.16 – 17.2.16

by Beauchamp Art


Pathos Patronatus

This week has been reasonably productive, with digital paintings, sculptures and GIFs being completed hither and thither. Moreover, I had an interview for an A/V tech job, with which I was not successful, but nevertheless it provided a useful experience and feedback that will help me in future interviews. Hopefully this will feed into the next opportunity that arises, such as the Library Tech job for which I just applied. However, I shall endeavour to talk to my current manager about whether reapplying for the evening tech role I am currently subsiding would be a path worth pursing. Should those two option fall away then there is a similar media tech position at the UEA that would be suitable.

As a hang-on from the previous week, I managed to finish the Pathos Patronatus that I have been working on intermittently for some time, with the final result containing the atmosphere that was intended, with the bastardised Patroclus forming the paramount content of the foreground amongst the other elements. Moreover, I also concluded the Rex Lactucis digital painting, which was a smaller scale, simpler design, and a subject less contemplative.

Rex Lactucis



I managed to get some work submitted for the Float exhibition at the FirstSite gallery in Colchester, although due to the date and time I will not be able to attend. Nevertheless, as this is the first show of my work in a public institution in some time, it is positive regardless. The piece being shown is the RGB 24 video, which deconstructs a second of red, green and blue digital film into increasingly small increments in conjunction with a synaesthetic soundtrack. Accompanying this will be a GIF based on the film to be shown over the reception desk on one of the monitors at the entrance to the gallery.

Docker - 07

Additionally, I finished the docker sculpture, and revisited some previous models, updating some details and exporting the images with a more considered render process, looking more into lighting management, sub surface scattering and so forth. However, some of the results were peculiarly faulted in ways which were difficult to remedy.


Lydon [2] - 07

Nobama [2] - 05

As an aside, when working on the RGB GIF, I finally made the Terrortubbies GIF using stills from the short film based on the digital painting. This was intended as more a humorous aside, but still manages to be successfully awful (as opposed to awfully successful).