Upon the Barren Morn

by Beauchamp Art

Upon the Barren Morn

Upon the Barren Morn

Decimari lamenting the dawn.

Whilst working on this and finishing off a number of digital paintings, it occurred to me that it seems somewhat pointless painting apocalyptic scenes of cities in ruin, when the news is so populated by annihilation in Syria alone. Post-apocalyptic aesthetic has been brought to prominence in pop culture in particularly in recent examples including films like Mad Max: Fury Road and video games such as Fallout 4, this would seem a bizarre mockery if presented to individuals who have faced such ruinous fates; not a simply as war games may romanticise the adrenaline infused drama of the crater-laden inner-city war zones and nationalism of the recent Call of Duty games; or in their PTSD infused VR backlash; but the aggrandising of desolated civilisations and the citizens whom live amongst the ruination of their world wrought by fire and blood and anguish – this particular fetishisation could be seen as mock and undermining of the severity of the Hell such destruction that may befall the bystander.

What fantasies of broken buildings bestrewn a landscape of cinders and the ever lingering fog of war in neon light can I conjurer up that are not half as horrifying as the genuine plight of peoples whom now are forced to flee their homeland; only to be demonised or patronisingly pitied upon their arrive at the false refuge of a Shangri-La built on exploitation and bludgeoning of its own people to maintain the mythos of National Security

To whom are we protected – for the Lords and Masters would see us as ravenous dogs biting at one another’s heels in need of order, domestication and subservience? Social stratification of elites that treat refugees and migrants how they wish to treat their own underclasses, as vermin to be drowned, starved, obliterated; such is the Utopia that awaits, from one terrified existence to another; victims of terror now used to as terror capital, propaganda tools to be traded and expended to maintain a stranglehold on the general populous.

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.” [Chomsky, 1997: 21]



Chomsky, Noam. (1997) Media Control. Seven Stories Press. 2nd Edition. USA.