Digital: Dawn Troll

by Beauchamp Art

Dawn Troll - 01

Dawn Troll

Stone troll, overgrown and wistfully contemplating the dawn.

Experimenting with foliage using Fibremesh and creating non-organic textures over an organic form, created using Z-Spheres, asymmetric throughout.

This design integrated a large amount of foliage using ‘Fibremesh’, though mostly used pre-set flora settings to create the desired overgrown aesthetic.

In addition to the main model, I add a small platform with a rock also covered in moss and weeds to the design, which resulted in a Warhammer-style miniature model appearance.

This received positive feedback from my model-making peer of Warploque Miniatures; whose troll designs draw more from the Pratchett-esk, Paul Kidby illustrative style with the large noses also found in the film Troll Hunter and more strongly caricatured features. Whereas I may have borrowed more heavily from the Alan Lee/John Howe designs found in the LOTR/Hobbit books/films, with the particular facial expression influenced by a small stone troll ornament that adorns the fireplace of my family home.

Dawn Troll - 10

Dawn Troll - 06

Dawn Troll - 14

Dawn Troll [2 - Alt]

Dawn Troll [2]

Varied lighting from multiple off-white sources of the Dawn Troll with the foliage and surrounding elements.