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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Weekly Summary: 15.2.16 – 21.2.16

by Beauchamp Art

Henry Driver Installation - Feb 2016 - 03

A steady pace set this week in motion through to its conclusions. I have been applying for two more technician jobs at my uni, including reapplying for my current role in a slightly more senior capacity after discussing the potentially of further training with some of the specialist equipment. Similarly, I have also had a UEA tech role to apply for, to which I hope there will be a response (as opposed to the previous few applications sent their way).

I finished remoulding the Decimari sculpture, applying new painted textures using the ‘Mask Cavity’ feature to an excessive degree to create a flaid, burnt and generally gnarly skin texture, and warped the post and features more asymmetrically and emphatically reposing the bust, using what has been learnt undertaking other 3D sculpts.

Decimari [3] - 06

After redressing said model, I began and complete sculpting a troll in Zbrush, using ‘Zspheres’ for the first time, and integrated a large amount of foliage using ‘Fibremesh’.

Dawn Troll - 06

Furthermore, whilst working on and finishing off a number of digital paintings, it occurred to me that it seems somewhat pointless painting apocalyptic scenes of cities in ruin, when the news is so populated by annihilation in Syria alone.

Upon the Barren Morn

On a more optimistic note, I have had an inquiring into the purchasing of a print of one of my digital paintings; admittedly to the parent of the person depicted, but even a nepotist sale is a sale. However, I need to look into printing costs and so forth. Given that only an A3 print has been requested, I just need to acquire a sheet of photo quality paper of that size, and have it printed; probably using the Uni facilities, given I have access and will be content with paying the relatively small sum required.

Scoria Metallicus, Unter Maschine






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