Digital: Spurius Filiae

by Beauchamp Art

Spurius Filiae

Spurius Filiae

(Bastard Daughter, Turncoat)

Iaculor ex Transläufer, unehelich Überfuga est in Solitudine…

Our daughters mother a barren world, that they should walk upon it with their brothers as kin of the wastes, fathers of demise.

Earth cracked by dichotomies, antagonistic plate tectonics with trembling mechanical mountains heaving ash and pyroclastic production unto the lacerated civilizations that are to a long for a mother state that would cast siblings in conflict over scraps, diverting hate from cause to kin.


Spurius Filiae [Clean Full]

Spurius Filiae [Clean minus Fore & City]

Developmental images of the Spurius Filiae digital painting, featuring various elements and effects removed to demonstrate the layering and post-production elements.



GIF showing the transition between the raw digital painting and the finalised variation.