Weekly Summary: 29.2.16 – 6.3.16

by Beauchamp Art

Spurius Filiae

I do not know exactly how much time I have left with my current working position at the uni, though my interview on Tuesday seems to have gone well and I see little reason for them to hire someone else, at least because of the position in the academic calendar meaning that getting someone totally new and unfamiliar would be more unproductive than for them to simply train me up in any areas that I am currently lacking. I have also not heard back regarding the residency at Firstsite, though as they extended the deadline, this is understandable, but not necessarily optimistic.

Bemused Troll - 07

With this in mind, I have been reworking old or semi-complete Sculptris models in Zbrush, including another Troll bust, a none-specific middle-aged head which has become Ian Mckellen, a younger head and the Bryant, which I mostly intend to simply paint. However, due to the interplay of models, I have not finalised the coal miner that I had been working on using Z-Spheres, primarily due to my difficulty in creating clothes in Zbrush. However, I shall refer to more guides and try using Lynda.com whilst it is available, as I have been with Rhino.

As with previous weeks, I have also been digital painting, going between a few illustrations, and trying to sort the print of the Alice image, though there have been no major developments here.

I have two photoshoots booked in for next week, one documenting a peer’s melting sculpture, and for the other I shall be modelling in some science fiction capacity that is as yet unclear, though clothing will be minimal.

Some old tunes have also been updated, though I am looking to produce new music in the near future, this may be a move away from the metal audio-aesthetic and a move towards the apocalyptic-rave style that has started to come through more strongly with recent tracks.