Weekly Summary: 7.3.16 – 13.3.16

by Beauchamp Art


This has been a reasonably busy week, with a reasonable output of my own 3D works, alongside assisting with my peer’s projects, and organising a few other important matters, including sorting training to use the large format printers for next week.

The Ian Mckellen bust was fairly successful, resulting in the model itself, in conjunction with, still images, and a turntable animation (which took around 18 hours to fully render, followed by a GIF of the sequence that half melted the computer on which I was working). However, I need to work on simplifying areas of texture, and move towards a more refined approach towards the texturing, and need apply a subtler approach, or try painting in blocks rather than in a continuous gradient.



Labourer - 06

Nevertheless, this, alongside the Labourer sculpture were both reasonably accomplished, but in the latter case, I also need to practice sculpting clothes and fabric textures. Sketching folded materials may prove useful here for both 3D and 2D works, with studies easily undertaken from observation, either using myself in a mirror or photographed, and making use of other public resources; in other words, more drawings from life would be beneficial, focusing on how clothes take on form around the body.

Another sculpture in progress this week was a 3 headed dog, Cerberus of sorts, which has been made with Zspheres and made into a Polymesh model. Once the general form and details have been added, I then intend to use this model as a test for rigging and posing a model within Zbrush, though I will have to refresh my undertstanding of this process (using a mixture of forums, Youtube and Lynda videos).

Alien Me

As for another mode of modelling, I was standing in as an alien for Jeanette on MA Photography, as part of a collaborative project between her and Holly on MA Games Art. This was the first shoot in which I have had full make up, and the resulting effect, in conjunction with my contorted poses, was rather striking, and I shall be looking forward to seeing the final result. (The above image is the basic photograph with colour grading, which is to then be digitally painted and altered, to transform me into something otherworldly, channeling H. R. Giger with a hint of Ziggy Stardust.)

Icescape - Rebecca Liles - 14

I also documented a liquid sculpture for Rebecca on MA Fine Art, and have thus far edited the photography and half of the footage taken, producing a small piece of music to accompany the visual show reel of water being poured into the plastic vacuum mold, in addition to the melting ice sculpture itself.