Film: Establishing Shots

by Beauchamp Art

Establishing Shots: For A Film That Never Starts

Establishing landscape shots around the village that go nowhere.

Primarily a colour correction exercise.

I have manage to finish off editing this footage from the village in 2015

Also working on the films using the footage from Scotland and the village from 2015, to create a slow paced un-filmic film, taking a similar structuralist approach to more cinematic film styles, by having establishing or landscape shots that would convey a later scene taking place which never arrives. This could be seen as a sort of film reflection of the modernism of Huysmans’ A’Rebours/Against the Grain/Against Nature; where little happens, and the narrative is told through the description of things; places, objects, phenomenology, rather than solely relying on events). The videos have also been produced an aesthetically pleasing style that denotes a short art-house theme, without conveying any content, again, potentially reflecting the subtle neo-Romantic tropes of avant-guard French authors like Huysmans.