Weekly Summary: 20.3.16

by Beauchamp Art

Brandon Bryant Updated - 06

Alongside working on the 3-headed dog and a vaguely punky precariat bust, I took the time to update the Brandon Bryant sculpt, modifying the original Sculptris model to be more life-like, symmetrical, and considerably more life-like. As this will be my last bit of 3D work for the next two weeks, given the Easter Break, I believe I have ended on a reasonable level of digital output. Moreover, following on from the Mckellen sculpture, I have taken to manually glitching every frame from the turntable film 4 times each, with a rotation in between each layer of transformation, and evidently adjusting 2400 frames/images individually takes a while. Considering the outcome will likely be only a few seconds long, it is disproportionately consuming time.

Rather positively, the Digital Factory Residency at Firstsite which I ave been accepted for will be starting in full swing next week with two events, but has been precursored by opening of the Andy Warhol Exhibition of which we will be responding to through the work produced, to a lesser or greater degree. As my practice contains similar m/Media considerations and de/structuralist examinations, this seems a useful place from which to be initiating work (my recent celebrity 3D bust could effectively fold into this project in an interesting way).


Moreover, the production of the Icescape films for Rebecca Liles not only resulted in a fairly decent quality of audio/video output, but was a useful exercise in using a range of programs to create professional quality moving image documentation. This involved going between DaVinci and Final Cut, which seems to work effectively, though does double the number of clips and therefore storage space.


Additionally, I have been working on the films using the footage from Scotland and the village from 2015, to create some slow paced un-filmic films, taking a similar structuralist approach to more cinematic film styles, by having Establishing Shots using the landscape in a manner that may convey a later scene taking place which never arrives.

For the week ahead I am booked into assisting with photography and writing work, though intend to use the break as an opportunity to rest, should there be time between working on various projects and other matters.