Weekly Summary: 21.3.16 – 27.3.16

by Beauchamp Art

Float - Digital Factory Residency - Opening - 06

This week myself and the 5 other artists were introduced to the Digital Factory residency space, participating in an opening event displaying new work, and were organizing the scheduling system for the days that we intend to be in, working with others and making work in response to the Andy Warhol that is currently install in the Firstsite gallery space. The opening gave me the opportunity to test displaying the Ian Glitch Phase film (as yet without a soundtrack) and try projecting it through the two perspex blocks which have been used nominally in some previous photographic works (Plastic) though have not found there way into video installations despite their rich potential as a product of their simplicity.

I need to return to a rhythm of working to produce more digital art appropriate for this residency, as the majority of my recent escapades have been mostly aesthetic affairs or technical exercises; which needs to be transgressed and subverted in the name of Fine Art. Nevertheless, as this has been the first week of the Easter break, I have capitalised upon more for holidaying purposes, and less a less stringent mode of production.

Overlooking Guntons - 02

Furthermore, activities such as seeing The VVitch in the cinema is not necessarily a totally erroneous activity, as its narrative style, use of tension, colour grading, symbolism and historical references provided a wholeheartedly interesting experience; with visual allusions being made to Goya’s Witches Sabbath, and with scenes reminiscent of  Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters and others like it, producing a highly engaging and accomplished genre film that capitalises on a broad range of sources.

Morningsill - 01

I also used this week as an opportunity to edit some recent miscellaneous photos, and organise some previous works, such as the music/sound pieces from the videos for Rebecca. However, the photoshoot with Laura had to be rescheduled.