Digital: Precariat Punk

by Beauchamp Art

Precariat Punk - 10

Precariat Punk

A haggard youth intended as a character study for my ongoing dystopian narrative project, with no reference used but drawing some elements from self-observations.

In the final staged of the sculpture, I reworked the hair style, added chest hair, and made a few modifications to the rendering process to produced well balanced illuminations for the model with a combination of warm and cold lights to create a more organic aesthetic. Possible under the influence of the recent Bowie overdose, there is an influence of Ziggy Stardust in his styling combined with a hint of John Lydon, whom I have sculpted previously; though the orange/ginger hair is intended to involve the city fox, its ruddy fur and bushy tail prowling and scavenging the urban environment, roaming as the spirit animal of the contemporary youth.

Precariat Punk - 01

Precariat Punk - 07