Film: Ian Glitch Double Phase [AV]

by Beauchamp Art


Ian Glitch Double Phase [AV]

3D Ian Mckellen bust sculpted in Zbrush rotating and glitched, accompanied by a minimalist audio track that reflects the structure of the video composition, with phasing layers of images interlaced with corresponding sound waves; repeating the full video sequence twice, with the soundtrack ascending and descending the A minor arpeggio; 300 notes per 300 frames of each 360 degree rotation.

Updated version of the Ian Glitch Phase exhibited as part of the Digital Factory Residency Opening event.

Ian Glitch Phase - Stills - 10

Ian Glitch Phase – Stills

Stills from the Ian Mckellen Glitch Phase/Double Phase/Double Phase AV film.

Ian Glitch Phase - Stills - 15

Ian Glitch Phase - Stills - 16