Film: Ian Glitch Meta Phase

by Beauchamp Art

Ian Glitch Meta Phase

Reworked version of the  the Ian Glitch Phase piece, using an earlier plan for the piece involving multi-layering the glitched imagery. Although the aesthetic produced in the Meta Phase was effective and the contrast between the overlaid layers relating back to the original sequence was visually stimulating, it lacked the structural interest of the previous version, as rather than gradually changing the individual frames in the sequence, it simply builds up like bricks in a wall with the lower layers taken away and then replaced; which also meant that to make the sequence symmetrical the sequence had to repeat itself more explicitly, without the reversal of the frame sequence from an ascending scale of least to most distorted, before most to least distorted; so some sections are just played twice. Nevertheless, the resulting video is not unsuccessful, but not as useful as a means of subverting the visual processing of digital film.

Ian Glitch Meta Phase - Stills - 10

Ian Glitch Meta Phase – Stills

Stills from the Ian Glitch Meta Phase film, with multiple layers of glitched images combined.

Ian Glitch Meta Phase - Stills - 15

Ian Glitch Meta Phase - Stills - 05