Sunday Group Critique

by Beauchamp Art

Individual Group Critique w/ Michael Irwin, 17.04.16

Sunday Group Critique - 01

Photos documenting the Sunday Group Critique  with Michael, Liam & Frazier and my fellow resident artists: Will Fulton, Susi Disorder, and Sian Fann, in the Digital Factory at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

The surrounding discussion is on this crit was elaborated upon in the most recent Weekly Summary.

Andy Warhologram Test -1

Andy Warhologram Test

Work by Benjamin S. Beauchamp.


Sunday Group Critique - 03

Work by Sian Fann.

Sunday Group Critique - 06

Work by Sian Fann & Susi Disorder.

Sunday Group Critique - 11

Work by Will Fulton.

Sunday Group Critique - 14

Work by Susi Disorder.

Sunday Group Critique - 13

Alongside the more considered discussion, the crit also provided the first opportunity since acquiring my black roll neck sweater to dress as Warhol in full, having borrowed a wig from Firstsite and a pair of sunglasses from one of the other residents. Faceswapping thus ensued.

Photo by Will Fulton

Bandy Barhol

Benjamin S. Beauchamp in collaboration with William Fulton and Andy Warhol.

Photo by Will Fulton

Photo by Will Fulton