Weekly Summary: 18.4.16 – 24.4.16

by Beauchamp Art

Firstsite VJ Workshop - 30

Much of this week has involved preparing for the up coming Float event, developing exhisting works and making modifications for display where necessary, such as editing the RGB Andy Warhol Triphase video. Additionally, I created an extended looping version of the Warhologram which I intend to display alongside other works, notably the as yet unrealised collaboration with Will (outside of the Faceswapping). However, this is not to undermine the validity of the FaceSwap images as a potentially rich source of thematic exploration, not only as a means of collaborating with another individual and the spontaneous interaction between the amateur Smart Phone photographer and their subject, but also as a way into subverting a popular media function;, in how the iconography of an individual is transmitted and media through multiple people as mediums. As an example of remediation, not only is the imagery represented from Warhol to me to an internet audience; where it is caught up in the tide of other images, thereby reflecting the two words we were given to initiate this collaboration, submerged online. Nevertheless, I contemplated integrating the use of remote instruction into performance, suggesting to Will that I could send him some words, phrases, instructions, which he would have to follow as he talked about the works as part of the presentations at random intervals (though this suggestion was more intended asw a spring board for discussing other modes of collaboration, and in itself could be seen as a novel ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ idea).

Alongside modifying works for Float, I also went though the photos from last weeks activities at Firstsite, annotating the documentation and getting into a more presentable format. Indeed, this blog may be functioning as an extension of the Digital Factory work, with the con-fusion of documentation and the works being produced ever a present consideration. This may also be relevant regarding the VJing workshop on Sunday, in which Liam, Frazier, Sian went about distorting and manipulating a combination of my RGB Warhol and one of Sian’s videos (both of which feature a head rotating anti-clockwise on the X axis; forming an effective visual continuation). With this, a number of the images from the photographic documentation of may be considered as crucial components for the creative output for this project; particularly as it foregrounds the digital aesthetic in a work of shared authorship; thereby reflecting the Digital Factory in its post-Waholian whole.

Firstsite VJ Workshop - 19


Additionally, there are a few points I wish to cover. Firstly, my consideration towards continuing making work; despite the difficulty of getting across certain ideas and modes of creative practice within a residency or exhibition environment, particularly negotiating the role of writing within my work. On a retrospective note, I finally finished updating the Twenty Four Hour Delirium Rhythm page, revitalising my desire for further academic writing to be undertaken. Nevertheless, my work outside of the residency practice has not be totally null, as I managed to do some observational drawings of figures at a gig at Cinema City, and discussed a A/V collaboration with one of musicians (though not one of the performers).

Moreover, the friend who I help with their application seems to have had a positive response, and I assisting with editing one of the MA students footage; for whom I was originally going to offer my photographic services, but due to time limitations this was not possible. And as a final point, the large format printer required some breaking in, but appears now to be functioning properly; though with it coming up to the end of term, whilst working I shall focus on helping the students get as much ready for their final assessments.