by Beauchamp Art

“It is natural to believe in god when you’re alone … People never are alone now … We make them hate solitude.” [Huxley, ….: 193]

“God isn’t compatible with machinery …” [Huxley, ….: 192]


Accelerating technology enables us to be physically closer and telecommunication to be virtually so. These networks fulfil the collectivising role of the religious Church, one body before god becomes one body before our electronic lord, gathered in the global forums of social media, ascending the heavens not through pray but the distribution of capital, buying flights and faster connections, inextricably linking this new deity with the consumerist model.

Clemency is once again to be bought. Buy the new device, the fastest flight, make a charitable donation, demonstrate godliness through the ability to connect, the pan-human existence engulfs the post-human individual, the cyborg self enveloped by collective subjection, the masses are a hive with no need to look to god when they are busy buzzing and crawling over their neighbours, the queens and kings held as godly avatars for the impact they can impose on others, with privacy their privilege, when violated becoming the most terrible sin, as an interception of connectivity.

Yet when the paupers must fill out their papers to get a pittance from their neighbours, they must void their dignity and expose all, to be held up to the spotlights, crucified daily to be afforded the luxury of rolling in the dirt, in constant communication with ever other dehumanised individual blighted by the glories of civilisation.

Heaven forbid sobriety.