Digital Factory Statement 25.4.16

by Beauchamp Art

Through a dysphoric digital-led practice exploring the social interaction with technologies; the mediation and manipulation of information overloading the individual, I use multi-faceted approach to create works that seek to deconstruct their own media and the purpose of making, to subvert the miasmic man-machine dichotomy, to generate a refined chaos by amplifying interference to find harmonies in the feedback; rendering digital figures flash in a seizure of red, green and blue.

By responding to the medium-centric approaches Warhol invoked in his complex practice, whilst adopting his iconoclastic image and his hyperbolization of surface value, my current practice has used the Digital Factory as means of exploring the extension of the post-Fordist labour roles beyond their physical bounds; the individual disassociated from their isolated loci, engulfed in the tangled hierarchies of a Network Society.