Written/Audio: Predictable

by Beauchamp Art


Predictive text filling in all meaning,
Making syntax insincere,
Sentiment in the sentence seems senseless,
The rate of writing relentless,
The resent impermanent structures of auto-completed diction divulged from the dozing delirium of the distracted retracted mental faculties,
Spell cheque cashed and organised,
No hesitation or deviation,
No rhythm only repetition,
Words rolling off the distressed mental press at a superhuman rate,
Racing to the full stop when characters elapse,
Run out,
No ink drops on the corner of the page only fingerprints on the touch-screen soon smudged into a greasy smog,
While the words below dissolve into a slippery haze of refined ambiguity,
Speaking without saying anything,
Consentless convalescence from comprehensive comprehension;
Relapse and relax,
All has been taken care of,
Be still,
Slip into the ecstasy of sleeping solemnity,
Apathetic apoplexy,
Heavenly homogeneity.