Weekly Summary: 25.4.16 – 1.5.16

by Beauchamp Art

Firstsite VJ Workshop - 21

There were various tasks that needed addressing this week. Firstly, the editing  of the Firstsite VJ Workshop photos from Sunday had to be undertaken, along with the Float Exhibition and Collaboration Presentation, which I was unable to attend in person in the evening but still had work featured as part of the show, and discussed with Will our collaboration efforts.

The videos resulting from this game of Warhol Tennis in which Will and I passed a short piece of footage to and fro resulting in an increasingly distorted version of our previous direct interaction with the Faceswapped photos of myself merged with Warhol, which in itself is a potentially rich area for discussion. Indeed, we undertook a brief dialogue regarding this matter, though the outcome may still be fairly ambivalent.

As part of the Residency group, we also discuss the curation for the main exhibition, and talked with the other artists and staff about the work we wish to show and our intended modes of display. I will be showing the RGB Triphase [Post Warhol]  from the RGB Andy Warhol Triphase variations on a CRT television facing the wall alongside the Andy Warhologram using Sian’s four-sided perspex holographic display using a small screen, either and iPad or one of the portable DVD players. We exchanged ideas with how best to present our work, and I suggested using the sheets from my degree show installation as a surface onto which to project Sian & Susi’s video collaboration; however this may prove impractical.

Moreover, we had a short text to write for the show which was also to be included in the booklet Sian was producing, which was to feature these statements alongside images of our work.

I also have been working on potential means of developing the audio from the Warhol videos to produce a Strange Loop / Shepard’s Tone version of the RGB soundtrack, though the results thus far have been (to paraphrase John Cage) like most of that which we here around us; noise.

Nevertheless, I also wrote a short text that was transposed into a electronically spoken piece titled Predictable, which agonises of the emotive impact of predictive text and suggested terms when composing SMS messages.

Jojo Lalu at the Bicycle Shop - 02

Furthermore, I took photos for Jojo Lalu at the Bicycle Shop, documenting and exhibition of my peer’s work, which preceded my attending two other exhibitions featuring a mixture of current students and graduates; one at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, curated and organised by the Young Associated, with whom I have previously work, alongside a solo show at the Dove Street studios.

A number of other minor activities have potentially fed into my creative development this week. This has included listening through the Digital Human: Work podcasts, and the rest of the recent recent series, alongside watching a recording of a talk by my old tutor Krzysztof Fijalkowski, which I found amongst the archives on the Intranet, regarding Czech Surrealist Photography. I also partook in a spontaneous sound collaboration, a sort of drone-jam which invigorated my desire to make more interesting and improvised music.

In addition to reading War of the Worlds, my media consumption has also included watching through Twin Peaks, and having gone through the main mystery plot, and onto the second series, and becomes like a regular soap amplified to its surreal extreme It becomes surreal by its normality, its banality, interwoven with a blurring of dream worlds and reality; but in that way, more like a drama than a drama; though after the main mystery drops off, there is a definite lull.

At work, the print room has been busier than usual, and preparing Boardman House for the degree show has occupied a fair amount of time, in addition to organising the exhibition spaces for critiques whilst the additional display boards are installed. Overall, this has been a fairly busy few days, but hopefully the progress made across various fronts will be useful.